Sunday, September 16, 2007

All about Annie

Name: Annie, AKA Stupid

Who I am: I am Annie, Queen of Housecats and ruler of all. I am also a 7 year old calico/tabby mix domestic shorthair, for those who are keeping track. Come and worship me!

About me: I rule you, and you like it. I hate closed doors, so do something about that, please. I have a huge noggin, which I use as a wedge to keep you from closing any doors. I also use it to look cute, which is my greatest weapon. I love to cuddle with you and purr, but only on my schedule, so suck it.

Activities: Chasing my tail, chasing Blackie’s tail, chasing string, chasing anything else vaguely string-like.

Favorite furniture: My kitty tower, which I use to launch myself to the plant shelf in order to wreak maximum havoc.

Favorite treat: Whiskas Temptations, any flavor. I also LOVE catnip.

Enemies: None, really. That dumbass white cat downstairs used to annoy me, but now I just pummel him at will - which is actually pretty fun.

Here I am in all my glory: